Emergency Tree Removal and Tree Lopping Services

Anchor Tree Lopping and Landscaping provide emergency tree removal and tree loping services in Maryborough and the Fraser Coast. Our emergency service is available 24/7 and places priority on customers who require a tree removed or trimmed for safety reasons, such as after a storm. Our team are all experienced in emergency removal of trees and working with insurers when trees have fallen onto your home, car or any other structure.

If any emergencies requiring tree removal occur outside of our business hours, don’t hesitate to get in touch on (07) 4123 1423.

Once we arrive on your property to take care of the tree, we’ll operate safely and efficiently to minimise any disruptions to you and your neighbouring households and businesses. Sometimes in the event of trees falling on higher structures, we’ll need to bring a crane or cherry picker out, which can slow down the emergency process. There hasn’t been a tree of any size that has caused us hassles in over a decade of operation.

What Do I Do When a Tree Has Fallen on My House?

Calling your insurer first is usually a smart idea, because there usually isn’t much more damage that a fallen tree can do, and your insurer will understand the situation and facilitate your claim quickly in a time of need. It is, however, important to remove your loved ones from the area, and if necessary, the house if a tree has fallen on a structural supporting area of the house.

Emergency Plan of Attack for Fallen Trees:

If it is an emergency that needs to be taken care of without a quick call to the insurers, we recommend taking photos of the area and damage. You’ve already been shocked by having a tree fall over on your property, you don’t deserve a headache trying to chase up damages. We’re well versed in the insurance claims process and can assist you to help provide evidence and satisfy your insurer’s requirements on our end.

If a tree has knocked over powerlines in the course of falling on your property, vacate your house safely and call Ergon Energy immediately. Fallen powerlines are extremely dangerous and pose grave danger to anyone near them, and Ergon Energy are experienced in handling such matters safely.

Emergency Tree Removal Services

Call Anchor Tree Lopping and Landscaping 24/7 to request our emergency tree removal services. (07) 4123 1423.