Palm Tree Removal, Trimming and Maintenance Services

Anchor Tree Lopping and Landscaping provide a range of different services for looking after palm trees including complete palm removal, palm tree trimming and palm tree maintenance. Whether you want to temporarily rid them of fronds or coconuts, or you’d just like to remove the palm altogether, our team of professional tree loppers and arborists can assist. In more than a decade of operation, we’ve brought down palm trees of all shapes, sizes and species.

We’re fully insured and provide obligation-free quotes on-site. Please give us a call on (07) 4123 1423 to organise quick and safe palm removal or maintenance services at a time that suits you best.

When removing your palm trees, we take extra care to ensure we don’t leave a mess or damage any other parts of your garden. We care about the sustainability of what we do and don’t like to waste any of the trees we cut down. Our expert tree loppers can efficiently take care of your palm and have it carted off for recycling, or if you’d like us to chip them on site, they can be used on mulch in the same garden they were pulled out of, giving them a second lease on life. Stump grinding is also available if you dislike the look of exposed stumps and the potential tripping hazard they pose.

Maintenance Service for Palm Trees:

Palm fronds love to make a mess during storm season, especially if you have a pool, but by having them maintained properly you can save time and money in having to clean the yard while also encouraging them to grow healthily. Our team are all fully licensed and insured and we adhere to strict safety standards at all times when conducting maintenance services.

Emergency Palm Tree Removal:

In the event of a large palm falling on your house, it’s urgent that you have it removed as soon as possible. We provide emergency palm and tree removal services to get you out of trouble if disaster strikes outside of business hours. Simply give us a call on (07) 4123 1423 after you’ve safely evacuated the area the tree has fallen near, and we’ll be out as soon as possible. We can even help submit any necessary documents to your insurance company.

Council Approvals:

Sometimes for native or endangered trees, council approval may be needed to cut down your trees. It usually isn’t required and it’s a case of making a quick phone call to the local council that can either be done yourself or by us on your behalf.

Palm Tree Removal and Maintenance

Get in touch to organise the safe and professional removal of your palm tree or to book any of our palm tree maintenance services. Call (07) 4123 1423.