Wood Chipping and Mulching Services

Anchor Tree Lopping and Landscaping provide professional on-site wood chipping and mulching for all our customers who require it and we also sell high-quality wood chips and mulch for anyone who needs it for a landscaping project. As Maryborough tree lopping professionals of over a decade, we’ve chipped and made mulch from trees of all shapes and sizes, producing tidy and enriching compost that your garden will love. For a free over-the-phone quote on wood chipping and mulching, please get in touch with us.

We stock hard forest wood mulch, made in-house from locally sourced trimmings and cuts, designed to enrich your garden and keep weeds out effectively. The benefit of choosing our hardwood mulch over other common mulch and compost alternatives include:

  • Helps plants through decomposition
  • Keeps weeds out
  • Much longer lifespan
  • No palm fronds guaranteed
  • Affordable

Our mulch is available for pickup or delivery, just give us a ring to see what we have in stock.

Any Tree, Any Size:

Our portable wood-chipping machine is capable of handling trees of up to 18 inches in diameter, and can quickly and neatly chip your wood into manageable pieces, perfect for garden mulch usage. Larger trees can either be taken with us, or chopped down before being thrown in the chipper. Best of all, it’s affordable; you’ll simply be charged our hourly rate for any on-site woodchipping. This effectively gives your trees a second lease on life, keeping your garden tidy and fed with nutrients throughout the decomposition process.

If you’re chipping your own trees at home, why not hire us to take care of the tree lopping for you? We can even get rid of the nasty exposed stump left behind while we’re there – no tree is too big for us.

Wood Chipping and Mulching

Get in touch book our on-site wood chipping and mulching service or to order some mulch for your own garden. Call (07) 4123 1423.