High Quality Firewood Supplies in Maryborough

Anchor Tree Lopping and Landscaping are Maryborough and Fraser Coast suppliers of durable and affordable firewood supplies for all purposes. Our firewood comprises of mixed local hardwood from trees we’ve cut on site through our tree lopping services, allowing us to repurpose trees and offer firewood at an affordable price. We carefully sort through the wood we’ve collected and select them for their burn characteristics and we don’t use softwood such as pine, which will produce less heat and inferior fire burn times. For a free over the phone quote and to see what we have in stock, give us a call.

All our firewood supplies are available for pick-up from our Maryborough location or can be delivered anywhere on the Fraser Coast.

Benefits of Hardwood Firewood:

Hardwood firewood poses many benefits over softwood when lighting fires for comfort, cooking or other purposes including:

  • Lasts much longer
  • Can easily be restarted
  • Denser, therefore less wood required

We find that because of our climate, many of our customers choose our firewood for use in pizza ovens and other cooking appliances rather than for use in a fireplace. Our hardwood is ideal for cooking as it burns much more slowly and consistently than less dense softwood, allowing for a more even cook as the wood burns. Hardwoods also produce hot coals, rather than the fine ash that softwood produce, allowing for fires to be restarted more easily when leaving a fireplace on overnight or cooking for long periods.

Firewood Cut On-Site:

All our firewood is made from trees that we’ve chopped for our customers. If, however, you’re having us over to chop your trees and you’d like us to make firewood out of the very trees we’ve chopped on site for you, we can bring our portable milling machine to chop them up into more manageable pieces. We recommend doing this on hardwood timber, as it allows for a more durable burn.

Buy Firewood Supplies

Call (07) 4123 1423 to find out what we currently have in stock and to place an order for any of our firewood supplies. Pick-up or delivery options available.