Stump Grinding Services in Maryborough and the Fraser Coast

Anchor Tree Lopping and Landscaping are Maryborough-based tree removal and stump grinding experts with over a decade in the business. We utilise cutting edge equipment and expert workmanship to deliver quick and affordable stump grinding to local households and businesses. Please give us a call to organise an obligation-free quote on our stump grinding services to rid your backyard of those annoying exposed stumps!

Leaving those stumps behind might seem like an easy way to save some money, but if you’re someone who regularly uses their backyard, they can be a bit of a hassle. Beyond their undesirable looks, exposed stumps can:

  • Pose a tripping hazard
  • Damage your lawnmower
  • Begin new tree growth
  • Reduce usable space
  • Attract insects from decaying stump

We utilise a commercial-grade stump grinder, designed for easy access. This allows us to grind any size stump in tight-fitting environments. Our efficient stump grinding equipment combined with expert technique allows us to quickly remove your stumps; you’ll be amazed at how quickly and affordably we can get rid of obtrusive stumps. Naturally, we’re fully-insured when working with heavy machinery such as stump grinders, and we take precautions to make sure there is no threat posed to you, your occupants and your property.

While we’re there, we can take care of any other trees in your yard that require lopping and grinding. Just like our stump grinding, we perform our tree lopping quickly and effectively and can turn the leftovers into wood chipping for use as long-lasting mulch in your garden, or be milled and used as a number of purposes, such as firewood.

Stump Grinding in Maryborough

Get in touch to request a quote for our stump grinding services. Call Anchor Tree Lopping and Landscaping today on (07) 4123 1423.